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nathanfraser.jpgHey, I'm Nathan Fraser. It's very nice to meet you.

I'm a liberty podcaster and entrepreneur. I've been through my fair share of hard times; from growing up on welfare and being homeless, to losing my little brother at the all-to-young age of 29 years old. But now, I'm trying to build a better future for myself and others. I'm an advocate of free markets and free people. And those two values influence most of my decisions in life and work.

I produce two continuing podcasts on this website, and a third, occasional one.

LiveFreeFM, my main podcast, is all about exploring the philosophy of political freedom. I often delve deep into things like government abuses, economics, the legal system, and much more. This is the podcast I am most known for. Most of my listeners tell me that the topics I cover on this show expand, and often reverse, their way of thinking on major political issues. If you do not want to have your world view completely flipped on it's head, then listen at your own risk.
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Anarcho-Preneur is my newest project. As I build my newest business, I am sharing my journey with my listeners. I am inviting people to learn along with me, the ins and outs of building a start up, from a liberty minded point of view. I often cover issues like leadership skills, branding, marketing, and other related topics, often times pointing out how these skills can improve your activism as well as your business. Occasionally, I explain how some of these tactics can be used for evil, and show what not to do while pointing out examples of how governments do these things. If you are liberty minded, and want to grow your business or activism, this is the show for you.
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The last, and not-so-frequent podcast that you will find here is Freedom Media. In this show, I bring you interviews with some of the leading minds in liberty. This is one of my favorite shows to produce, but it is also the most difficult, so it is not updated frequently. When they do happen, they are always gems. So, keep your eyes peeled, they do drop, occasionally.

Basically, I'm just a guy that believes in freedom and striving for success. These are the values that all of my work here is based upon. For a more in-depth auto-biography of who I am, you can listen to my episode zero by clicking here. If you are of like mind, then stick around, subscribe, and welcome to the Free Market Squad.

Nathan Fraser
Podcaster, Anarchist, Entrepreneur.

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