Tuesday, July 22nd, 2014

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War on the Streets

Curt Williams returns to have a discussion about about the increased militarization of local and federal police departments around the count...[+]

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Statist Logical Fallacies

The State is a house of cards built on a foundation of quicksand. It is so dependent on logical fallacies to prop itself up, that it is a wo...[+]

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Officer Involved Shootings

Curt Williams joins us to discuss the recent rash of shootings that have been directed at police officers, both in America and in Canada. Fi...[+]

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Statist Mind State

What drives so many people to justify, even beg for, their own enslavement? Why are people set dead set on clinging to the myth of the State...[+]


LiveFreeTV Episode 01

Premiere episode of LiveFreeTV LiveFreeTV is brought to you, in part, by... You. Your continued support helps make this show possible. To sh...[+]

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Effectively Advancing Liberty

This week, we look at the pros and cons of many popular forms of activism, with the goal of examining the effectiveness of each in advancing...[+]

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New World Order vs Spontaneous World Order

Nathan explores the outcome of the two paths that lay ahead of the freedom movement, limited government and government abolishment. Most of ...[+]

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Gamers and Libertarians

Ken Poirier, from Legendary Power Games, joins us to discuss the cross over between libertarians and gamers. We talk about free speech and c...[+]

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Case Dismissed, A Mother's Day Episode.

This week, a listener by the name of Audrey calls in to discuss her recent attack by the State actors in her area, and the eventual dismissa...[+]

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To Eat, Or Not To Eat (Meat)

This one is a little off the beaten path. This week, Nathan explores the different sides to the argument of whether or not eating meat is an...[+]