Wednesday, March 4th, 2015
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LiveFreeFM Podcast

Unintended Consequences

Why does every problem the government promises to solve only get worse? Nathan looks into the theory of unintended consequences. When short-...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 009

Brian Sovryn, host of the wonderful show, SovrynTech, joins this episode to discuss future technologies and their possible on personal liber...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Vapor Vs Regulators

Ken and Nathan discuss the rising trend of vaping, and the fear mongering being used to push for more regulations around it. Is public safet...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 008

Neema Vedadi joins us to talk about his journey and experiences as a mainstream media personality, and his transition into alternative media...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 007

Drew Sample, host of The Sample Hour, joins us this week to discuss conscious capitalism. We look at what it means to be successful as an en...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Right To Die

A close friend of Nathan's family recently committed suicide. Nathan and Drew spend some time discussing the implications of self ownership ...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Freedom of Speech

Ken and Nathan have a talk about free speech, and its ramifications in our current political atmosphere. First, we talk about Ross Ulbricht ...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Alternative Schools

The first part of this episode is the interview with Jordan Harbinger, about alternative education options out their for those who want more...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

Where De We Go From Here?

Nathan talks about the a few current event. The tax funding of the NFL, the recent hysteria over measles, and the future of job markets in t...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 006

Jordan Harbinger, from The Art Of Charm podcast, joins us today to discuss the emerging new schools of education. From free and low cost alt...[+]