Tuesday, January 27th, 2015
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Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 005

Jake Desyllas joins us today to discuss freedom through entrepreneurship. We talk about life after politics, taking power over your own real...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 004

Ian Freeman, of Free Talk Live, joins us to share his story. Ian has a nationally syndicated talk show that airs on over 150 AM and FM stati...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 003

Former police officer, turned liberty activist, Raeford Davis joins the show, today. Raeford spent six years as a police officer, enforcing ...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 002

Davi Barker joins us, this episode, and it was a total blast. We talk about agorism. We talk about statism. We talk about comic books. But, ...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 001

In the premier episode of Freedom Media, we are joined by Jeff Berwick, from the Dollar Vigilante and Anarchast. Jeff discusses, among other...[+]

Freedom Media Podcast

Freedom Media 000

This is an introduction episode to the new podcast from LiveFreeFM, Freedom Media. In this episode, you will hear a little of Nathan's back ...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

SonyGate Pt. 2

Ken joins us for a follow up on all the North Korea hacking gossip. This week, we talk about the possible alternative theories for who might...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

New Years Revolutions

Drew and Nathan recap the last year, both in liberty and in their own lives. Then, it turns towards goals for the coming year. Drew's site c...[+]


Jeff Berwick on LiveFreeFM with Nathan Fraser

Government is Evil Jeff is interviewed by Nathan Fraser for Live Free FM, topics include: Henry David Thoreau, Lysander Spooner, the social ...[+]

LiveFreeFM Podcast

SonyGate pt. 1

In this episode, Nathan and Ken take a surface look at the official story about the recent Sony hack, being blamed on North Korea. Nathan is...[+]