Thursday, April 24th, 2014

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NewSpeak and DoubleThink

This week, we look into the power that language can have over the mind. We start by examining concepts from the book 1984. DoubleThink and N...[+]

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Mother Russia, FatherLand, and Uncle Sam

Victor Pross joins us to discuss the familial roots of the State, along with the concept of DeFOO. We look at involuntary family structures ...[+]

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Nathan on The Chris Geo Show

Nathan joins Chris and Sheree Geo on the Chris Geo show. They talk about law, living free, marijuana, and the legitimacy of Intellectual Pro...[+]

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But, What About The Children?

Nathan takes an in-depth look at the forms of abuse directed at children by means of the State. Things like forced public schooling and nati...[+]

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Future Tech and Freedom

This week, Nathan is Joined By Ken Poirier, from Legendary Power Games, to discuss some of the coming laws and technologies and what they me...[+]

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Wars We Won’t Win / Socrates, Sophistry, and Policies

This week, we look at some of the wars that we wage as a society, through government, that aren’t meant to be won. Why have we not won the...[+]

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The Turning Tide

Jeremiah joins Nathan this week to look at some of the ways that freedom is on the rise and tyranny is on the run. First, we look into a num...[+]

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For the Newbies

This is a show for anybody new to the Truth Movement or the Liberty Movement. In this episode, we focus on how to sift through good and bad ...[+]

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Rulers and Regulations

Warning, We had a slight technical problem recording this episode, so the audio has a few spots where it cuts out. This weeks topic was on w...[+]

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Victor Pross; The Corruption In Collectivism

Victor Pross, anarchist, artist, joins us tonight for an in-depth discussion about the history, dangers, and future of collectivism. Victor ...[+]